Cryptocurrency Token Development

Looking to launch a crypto token for your business? Our team is ready to assist you in developing your own crypto token. We follow up a comprehensive mission-driven approach in our token development services that masterly assist you right from choosing the precise blockchain to providing the best blockchain’s internal architecture for your efficient enterprise management.

Our Crypto Token Development Services

We have pro-level crypto token developers to provide seamless as well as personalized token development services. They could perform your crypto token development effectively to embellish your crypto business enormously in the marketplace. Our diverse token development on any blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Tokens Development

Cryptocurrency tokens development to initiate your brand token transfer and exchange for other cryptocurrencies or tokens in the marketplace. We could assist you with it, in developing and launching the best crypto tokens for your blockchain business.

Utility Tokens Development

Develop your utility tokens with crypto Wave Technologies. Our skillful technical team’s thorough knowledge and skills in the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, data analytics, and server-less computing will assist you in creating a prototype or a production-ready platform.

Equity Tokens Development

Create your equity tokens from a commercial standpoint. The crypto-token development is a popular concept today. Huge business potential is driving up demand for more crypto token creations in the blockchain market. You could be the offeree and achiever.

Token Standards We Work

We work on multiple token standards for your unique preference and progressive business growth in the blockchain territory.

Binance Smartchain


BEP 21

ERC 20


ERC 20

ERC 721

ERC 777

ERC 223

ERC 827

ERC 1155



TRC 10

TRC 20

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Our Token Development Process

Token Development

Features of our Token Development


Your token development will be entirely compliant with the standard crypto token concepts. I.e. ERC20 token development and BEP20 token development. So they will work globally with each ERC20 and BEP20 fund. It includes the name, symbol, and number of decimals.


You are able to burn your token which means any of your tokens that you choose to be reduced in rotating stock or catch up its value without dropping it off before the removal.


As well as you burn, you can produce more tokens through minting. The process could be held only by you, the owner of tokens. It is so secure that when you do not want to produce the tokens, you can also disable them.


If you find crypto token movements cause the freezing of transactions on the blockchain, you are able to pause it at the movement. It highly helps you a lot to prevent trading before all token payments get frozen.


Your developed tokens from crypto Wave Technologies comes out with a capping feature that assists you to limit your crypto token creations based on your business plan. This means that one cannot create more tokens than your declared volume, ever.


As an owner, you have your own complete authority of managing your crypto tokens. You can mint tokens, generate tokens, pause tokens, and limit tokens for your effective token management system on the blockchain.

Benefits of Token Development

Our predominant token development services benefit you with significant crypto token development and implementation stuff.

Speedy Transaction

Your token development from crypto Wave Technologies performs faster in transactions and plays a vital role in payment security and ease of token circulation.

Complete Flexibility

The token is completely flexible at your end. It is interchangeable with any kind of asset and has high liquidity for a persuasive business on the blockchain.

High Brand Visibility

By creating your own crypto tokens, you could smartly get high brand visibility among crypto enthusiasts via airdrops and bounties.

Your Genuine Technology Partner!

We offer appealing crypto tokens that add value to your business and yield more success. We have a team of specialists in cutting-edge technologies. They will create custom tokens for your cryptocurrency venture.


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Technology Stack

Token Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your own NFT token for launching is very simple.You can smartly contact crypto Wave Technologies's business team and we will assist you in developing the project effectively for the market.You don’t need special coding knowledge,you don’t need any technical knowledge and you absolutely don’t need to be well-versed in Blockchain.We can guide you all from the base.

First,to work with NFTs,traders must require crypto wallets.An NFT marketplace functions the same as real-world art galleries.The sellers can list items under different selling methods that are fixed price or auction.The integrated smart contracts of NFT marketplaces automatically clarify the terms of trading in the transactions.As the transactions involving blockchain are energy-intensive,the cost of the services will be applicable to the users.

Yes.Definitely.The business model makes a lot of money for businesses.No doubt about it.An NFT token development is a terrific business idea to start up.Thus,many clever business personalities worldwide are rushing behind this remunerative business opportunity of the Web3 world.

NFT token development acquires smart contracts for automated transactions in marketplaces.Right from releasing the payment to receiving the acknowledgment from buyers`wallets,smart contracts take care of all actions without a middleman as an authority.

Developing your NFT token will be cost-effective if you choose our smart white-label NFT token customization option for the project.It will be much more affordable compared to developing an NFT token from Scratch. Thence,describing how cost-effective the white-label option:will completely fit into both small and big-scale business planning.

Yes,our token development service for your business is completely customized.As an owner,you could modify its 100% outlet as per your own business requirements.


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