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What is NFT Development

NFTs are innovative tokens representing digital assets namely art, games, videos, real estate, and other collectibles of the crypto world. These profitable assets could be developed by the best NFT development company along with effective user-friendly features to make your business powerful.

Why you Need NFT for Your Business

NFT has the capability of converting any asset into a digital collectible and can be sold in a marketplace to generate revenue. NFTs are being used in various innovative ways.


One of the most valuable quality of NFT is authenticity. NFTs created on a blockchain has a unique record which eliminates the intrusion of fraudulent activities and builds trust among users.


When you purchase an NFT, NFTs help link ownership to a single account as they are built on a blockchain network. Putting an NFT tag on your collectible can provide you with digital ownership, and security.


The users significant data and transaction history can never be altered by anyone. It can neither get erased, misplaced, or removed from the blockchain. You can gain the uniqueness of each token to guarantee data immutability and record accuracy.

Secure data and transactions

NFTs inherit the blockchain’s ability to safeguard records and data. A standard level of security is ensured in processing the transactions and NFT tokens are built with high-end security protocols to protect users data.


How to Create NFT

  • Pick your item to be tokenized
  • Choose your blockchain network
  • Set up a crypto wallet
  • Select an NFT marketplace
  • Upload the high-quality photo of the digital item
  • Initiate the sale process.

Our NFT Development Services

NFT for Photography
Photography is the unique asset that rules the NFT world and had made NFTs to reach tremendous peaks. Make assure of the royalty of ownership rights which provides the creator proof of authenticity. Captures the rare moments and digitalizes them to bring fame.
NFT for Music
Tokenize your favored music or any audio clips and list them on the NFT platform. Further developments on NFT has enabled creators to convert music to NFTs. Music NFTs let musicians to popularize their talents and uplift the grandeur. A glorious future for musicians is here!
NFT for Videos
Acquire the skyrocketing value for the NFT on videos. Exclusive video content can be tokenized into NFTs. NFT videos spotlight the huge crowd of the audience and grab their attention to get locked into the NFT marketplace platform.
NFT for Real Estate
Similar to real lands, these digital lands can be tokenized and ownership of the asset can be gained through listing the lands on the NFT marketplace. Virtualize your lands and gain complete ownership of them.
NFT for Games
Players accomplishments are rewarded with cryptocurrencies or in-game assets such as accessories and avatars in the form of NFT which energizes the gamers to popularize NFT-based games and begin sprinting into the NFT games marketplace.
NFT for Domain
NFT development on the domain is the latest advancement brought into the industry. Make avail of our Ethereum-based naming system to allow your users to exchange their domain addresses using NFT token. Our naming servers will make it easy for your NFT business.
NFT for Fashion Industry
NFT is popularized in the fashion industry as it focuses on inimitable digital items and eliminates the duplication of designs and accessories. NFTs in fashion are turning the world to look back.
NFT for Sports
Sports NFT turns exclusive sports collectibles into digital assets and sells them as NFTs. The advancement of the NFT world in collaboration with the sports industry would promote them to a great peak. Player cards and autographs can be tokenized under NFT with a high purchase rate which attracts a worldwide audience.
NFT for Crypto Collectibles
Crypto collectibles are unique digital assets that can be sold or bought on the NFT marketplace platform. Each token has a unique value that prevents identity theft and enables to store the data in a safe manner.
NFT for content subscriptions
We provide NFT development platform that offers celebrities and public audiences to tokenize their content, images, videos and offers the public with a subscription where the user has to pay to watch their content.
NFT for Digital tickets
Issuing of digital tickets through NFT for great events has been commenced which increases the fame and popularity of the NFT marketplace. NFTs are spreading their wings and are on the path of conquering the world.
NFT for lending
Launch an open-source NFT Platform for NFT traders to lend and borrow NFTs. This is one of the vital essential features in NFT which allow you to gain immediate funds to meet your demands.

We pride ourselves on creating wonders in NFT platform development. Want to know why we are special? Ask our expert team.

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NFT Development Standards We Work

Let’s explore the top NFT standards rising in the market currently.


Ethereum is the most popularly used blockchain network for NFTs. Ethereum consists of different standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-998, ERC-223, ERC-827, ERC-777, ERC-1137, ERC-875, ERC-865. Ethereum still remains the dominant source in NFT creation and sales.


Tezos is a decentralized blockchain it employs liquid - proof stake consensus model and it has a native cryptocurrency called Tez. Tezos represent a unique standard called TZIP-12, gives the ability to create their own tokens and support complex token interactions. It fetches how gas fees with better useability.


Binance smart chain comes with a built-in Ethereum virtual machine which offers interoperability, means you can transfer assets or tokens between Binance and Ethereum. Binance network represents two types of token standards such as BEP-721 and BEP-1155 which support fast transactions.


Tron is an immutable blockchain platform. Tron blockchain is also scalable when compared to other blockchain networks. TRC-721 is the standard token equivalent to ERC-721 on the Tron blockchain. Tron blockchain network enables low transaction fees.

Features of our NFT Development


You can set a bid closing date for your NFTs. Buyers can bid on the amount they desire to spend on the NFT, the winning bidder must take possession of the NFT on the blockchain. Buyers can have an enjoyable trading experience in purchasing the assets.


We offer our clients an enhanced tracking feature through which they can track the owner of any asset and avoid third-party verification requirements. This feature provides an easy path for users to pursue the owners.

Virtual art exhibitory

We welcome the artists with amazing digital artworks exhibited in the virtual gallery. An attractive showcase of artistic works fascinates the audience to peep into the virtual art exhibitory.

Push notifications

Push notifications are activated to make users informed about the platform updates, newly placed bids, NFT sales, and advancements in payment status. It keeps them updated on forthcoming events.


The tradability feature in the NFT allows trading NFT in multiple virtual environments it allows NFT token holders to have comfortable trading, and bidding experience. You can sell, buy and trade NFTs on specialized marketplaces and trading platforms.


The contribution of NFT on several public blockchain enables developers to build common, reusable, inheritable standards. It includes the ownership control of the item you tokenize. It brings standardization of your collectibles.


Liquidity refers to which an asset can be bought or sold in the marketplace at a price reflecting its intrinsic value. Instant traceability of NFT leads to rise in liquidity. The huge pool offers immediate liquidity with a huge audience.


NFTs are interoperable means they can be connected, exchanged, or traded on different platforms that operate on the blockchain network. NFT standards allow interaction with multiple ecosystems.

Governance attributes

They offer token holders with certain rights where users can cast their vote on various upgrades of the platform developed by the governance attribute. Provides an effective feature for the enhancement of the NFT platform.

Benefits of NFT Development

Benefits For Buyer

Multi-chain NFT marketplace

NFT staking

NFT launchpad

NFT liquidity

Fractional ownership

Benefits For Creator

Smart contract audited NFT

NFT lending

Bidding and auction

IPFS NFT storage

Lazy minting

NFT Development on Various Blockchain Networks

We offer dynamic development services extended on various Blockchain platforms through which you can build your business victoriously.


Scalable Technologies For Enterprise

Onboard to web3 with ease. Built with our suite of open-source software tools and contributions from leading integration partners.

Easy Onboarding

Redeem Items

Secondary Marketplace


Collect Rewards

Access Wallet

Primary Drops

Pay With Credit Card

Customized Integrations

Branded for your business

What crypto Wave can do for you?

crypto Wave Technologies offers an innovative platform to meet the specific demands of our business. We have dedicated ourselves to deploy the perfect NFT platform for our clients and support them in increasing the market. The foremost priority of our NFT company is to make our clients the forerunner in the NFT sector. We provide reliable NFT platform development solutions for secure NFT trading and exchange. We assist you in all aspects to satisfy your needs.


We have a highly skilled team of specialists who can turn any of your app ideas into reality. Just take a free consultation from our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NFT development costs depend on a number of factors, including the scope of the project, resource requirements, and the blockchain that you want to create.

We are developing NFTs in Solana,Polygon,Ethereum,Cardano,etc. We are always ready to develop your NFT platform in your preferred blockchain network.

Some of our major NFT development services are,NFT for art tokenization,NFT for crypto collectibles,NFT for lending,NFT for games, etc.

With NFT,you may expose your digital asset in a decentralized database where investors can buy your token and conduct trades. There won't be any intermediaries, and it is totally customizable. Since NFT cannot be swapped, the token owner may set the price of that particular token based on changes in the market.

Yeah,obviously.You can create your own NFT in a simple way.Our expert team is readily available for you to create NFTs that exactly fit your industries.


Our awards reflect the passion we have for the work we do


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