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crypto Wave Technologies as a leading NFT token development company in the market offers you cost-effective non fungible token development services. We are experts and have been successfully completing more than 300+ projects for global clients who are launching their successful businesses, especially in the NFT industry. We have an excellent team of blockchain developers, project analyzers, and skilled testers to make your NFT token development project more enhanced and unique to the existing web3 market square.

So, choose your right tech partner: “crypto Wave Technologies” —- we fulfill all your business needs by applying our experts in the project; who practice high-end tech stacks to effectively build NFT tokens for your business.

Our NFT Token Development Services

Open Trading Place

An open position in the marketplace refers to market exposure for investors. In which, the risk remains until the position is closed.

Crypto Collectibles

Crypto collectibles are unique and non-fungible digital assets. Hence, each token can have its own distinct value in marketplaces.

Asset Lifecycle Management

We offer a comprehensive asset portfolio management service along with practicing rigorous project execution and effective asset management.

Peer-to-peer Exchange

The peer-to-peer exchange assists NFT marketplaces to share data or execute transactions from one party to another without a middleman.

IPO Development

We could efficiently perform NFT IPO (Initial Poster Offering) development. It makes it easier to sell an NFT poster and tokens to buy it.

Real Estate Tokenization

It is an upgraded version of traditional fractionalized land ownership. E.g., the tokenization of land is feasible with NFTs. It digitalizes real land for customers.

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NFT Token Development Standards


The ERC-223 token creation for your NFT token development project offers a seamless flow of transactions. It greatly assists investors in business with high liquidity and huge ROI. It has multi-level security production including HTTP, end-to-end encryption, and escrow.


ERC-721, the token standard represents strong ownership. It is a unique protocol that defines standard norms to develop non-fungible tokens. The ERC-721 denotes that no two tokens can have the same value as it is distinct from others in the same smart contract.


ERC-1155 is a multi-token standard. So, it has the power to govern the tokens developed through both ERC-721 and ERC-20. It creates a robust smart contract protocol and overcomes the limits of fungible and non-fungible token standards, simultaneously.


TRC-721 is also the same as the Ethereum-based token standard but operates on the Tron blockchain network. It is fully compatible with ERC-721. The TRC-721 allows any type of digital/tangible assets and users to own and manage them effectively.

Benefits of NFT Token Development

  • Ownership

    The possibility of proving genuine ownership of an asset(s) is the primary benefit of NFT token development. It also assists you to bind multiple NFTs into single ownership.

  • Authentication

    Because it is immutable and has the most desirable features, it has a strong authentication for assets that changes, removals, or replacements will not affect your blockchain-based NFTs.

  • Transferability

    Smart contracts in NFT marketplaces set specific requirements between traders that must be met in the transactions. They perform the transactions of ownership of NFT asset(s) straightforwardly.

Characteristics of Our NFT Tokens

  • Uniqueness

    NFTs can have identical records. Every NFT has its own permanent information tab that ascertains its uniqueness. It is considered one of the valuable characteristics of NFTs.

  • Trustworthiness

    All NFTs powered by blockchain networks are really genuine pieces. It is almost impossible to create fake NFTs or NFT replicas following its immutable and distributed ledger technology.

  • Token Scarcity

    As the value of an NFT depends upon its scarcity, our NFT tokens with high scarcity give exclusivity. Thereby, the number of circulating tokens can be limited, then the NFTs’ value will be increased.

Different Types of NFTs

Fractioznalized NFT

Fractionalized NFTs are NFTs that can be divided into pieces. They can be sold separately. Every component of a fractionalized NFT simply owns a little amount from its overall value.

Intelligent NFT

Intelligent NFT is embedded with GPT-3 prompt as part of its immutable smart contracts. It provides not only intelligence but also interaction with animations placed on smart contracts.

Generative NFT

The generative NFT is a kind of digital NFT collectible that exists on blockchains, e.g., Ethereum. Whereof, every crypto punk NFT was created using a generative algorithm engine.

Decentralized NFT

Decentralized NFTs allow users to mint, hold, trade, and manage NFT assets effectively with multiple blockchain technologies, e.g., art, games, sports, cards, Metaverse, and AI models.

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Our NFT Token Development Processes

In crypto Wave Technologies, we follow the Agile development methodology to progress our global clients’ blockchain development projects effectively and efficiently for businesses. Thereby, we work on your NFT token development project followed by the step-by-step processes mentioned below.

  • Brainstorming Sessions

    We listen to all your business planning, goals, pain points, and priorities and start preparing a blueprint on the basis.

  • Suggestions and Solutions

    We can provide expert suggestions and strategy-based solutions to apply to the project development if needed.

  • Designing Process

    By following these, we design your project effectively and send it to you for verification before moving to development.

  • Development Process

    After your design confirmation, we start the backend development for the project. It crosses 3 phases: Alpha, Beta, and Release.

  • Testing and QA

    Completing the development processes, your project undergoes critical tests and serious quality analyses in follow-up.

  • Launching Business

    After all the processes, your project gets launched on the blockchain domain and is available for the targeted audience’s access.

  • Technical Support

    We, as your robust tech partner, could constantly provide you with full technical support and project maintenance in further.

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Why Choose Us?

crypto Wave Technologies is a blockchain development hub, having nearly 150+ blockchain experts to work on different development projects. We offer a wide range of non fungible token development services for clients globally.

So, as a leading non fungible token development company in the market, we offer you a clear development approach with the most effective technology solutions. And, to sustain confidentiality in the deal, we prepare an NDA to guarantee you that we never reveal information about your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your own NFT token for launching is very simple.You can smartly contact crypto Wave Technologies's business team and we will assist you in developing the project effectively for the market.You don’t need special coding knowledge,you don’t need any technical knowledge and you absolutely don’t need to be well-versed in Blockchain.We can guide you all from the base.

First,to work with NFTs,traders must require crypto wallets.An NFT marketplace functions the same as real-world art galleries.The sellers can list items under different selling methods that are fixed price or auction.The integrated smart contracts of NFT marketplaces automatically clarify the terms of trading in the transactions.As the transactions involving blockchain are energy-intensive,the cost of the services will be applicable to the users.

Yes.Definitely.The business model makes a lot of money for businesses.No doubt about it.An NFT token development is a terrific business idea to start up.Thus,many clever business personalities worldwide are rushing behind this remunerative business opportunity of the Web3 world.

NFT token development acquires smart contracts for automated transactions in marketplaces.Right from releasing the payment to receiving the acknowledgment from buyers`wallets,smart contracts take care of all actions without a middleman as an authority.

Developing your NFT token will be cost-effective if you choose our smart white-label NFT token customization option for the project.It will be much more affordable compared to developing an NFT token from Scratch. Thence,describing how cost-effective the white-label option:will completely fit into both small and big-scale business planning.

Yes,our token development service for your business is completely customized.As an owner,you could modify its 100% outlet as per your own business requirements.


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